Lovely Antique Bottles For sale -Soda, Medicine, Whiskey, Milk - $25 (Waterloo, ON)

Lovely Antique Assorted Bottles For sale -I have Soda Bottles, Medicine Bottles, Whiskey Bottles, Milk Jars Bottles and A Large Brown (non vintage) Beer Jug. I will list and detail and price each bottle below. If you buy the whole lot in one clean swoop, i will make the "Whole Lot" price a deeply discounted price. Only if you buy the whole lot.
PS: Want to see additional pictures of any of the bottles in this ad? Just ask me as I have a number of extra shots of each that I cannot fit into the ad pictures.

A) Coca Cola Mae West Shaped clear bottle with cap (may not be original cap). From the late 60's. 6 1/2 ounce. 8" tall. No chips or cracks. Selling for $2.00

B) RARE Renfrew Bottle Works Limited Small 8" tall Green Soda bottle. From Renfrew Ont. 7 Fluid Ounces. No chips or cracks. Selling for $40.00

C) 1960's Wishing Well Clear 10 Ounce Twisted Soda Bottle. 9" tall . No chips or cracks. Selling for $13.00

D) RARE 1960's Renfrew Bottling Works, Renfrew Ont. Clear Soda Bottle. 10 Fluid Ounces. 9.5" tall. Reads "Renfrew Flavours". It features a Duck Hunter in a natural blind with Ducks flying off.
Selling for $40.00

E) 1960's Taylors Dry Ginger Ale Green "Super King Size" 12 Fluid Ounces Soda Bottle. Taylors Soft Drinks Ltd. Owen Sound, Canada. Also reads "Serve Cold". No chips or cracks. Selling for $35.00.

F) 1960's Wishing Well Ginger Ale 30 Fluid Ounce Green Soda Bottle. Reads "Good alone or in company". On the back it reads "Ask for the famous Wishing Well Orange. The World's Best Tasting Orange Drink". "Bottled under authority of National Dry Ltd. London Canada. No chips or cracks. There is a couple small rust stains on the outside front and back. Must have been when it was stored in a wood and steel case. Selling for $40.00

G) Vintage Foremost Dairies Atlanta GA One Gallon Milk Jug -Jar -Bottle. 10 1/2" tall. With indentations on each side of the jug. No chips or cracks. Selling for $20.00

H) Vintage Foremost Dairies Atlanta GA Half Pint Milk Jar . 6" tall. No chips or cracks. Selling for $14.00.

I) RARE Vintage J. L. Beese Waterloo 1/2 Pint Milk Jar. 6" Tall. There are no cracks but there is a small chip off the shoulder at the back. Selling this bottle for $20.00

J) Antique 1930's Blue tinted Three sided medicine bottle. 5.5" tall. Cork or Rubber Stopper style bottle. No chips or cracks. Selling for $5.00.

K) Antique Sloan's Liniment original box, Bottle with partial contents and applicator brush set. 5.5" Tall. Warner - Lambert Canada Ltd. Toronto Canada. 2 1/2 Fluid Ounces. The box is mostly complete. The Bottle has no chips or cracks. Selling for $20.00

L) Vintage 2 Lb Can/Tin of White Rose Linseed Oil Soap. Canadian Oil Companies. There are some contents inside. There is a small leak of the contents from the lower edge. You may want to empty the contents once you buy this. Selling this for $25.00.

M) Antique Early 1900's Rawleigh's Trademark 7 3/4" tall Clear Apothecary Medicine Bottle. No cracks or chips. Selling for $15.00

N) 2002 Large Brown Taylor & Bate Brewery St. Catharines Ontario 64 Fluid Ounce Beer Jug in excellent shape. No chips or cracks. Selling for $5.00

O) Antique early 1900's "Hollywood Whiskey" from New York. An Amber Brown 1 Quart Bottle with applied top. 11.5" Tall. No chips or cracks. Selling for $40.00

P) Vintage early 1900's Gin tapered Bottle by B. W. & Co. Limited. Applied Top. 10 1/2" Tall. No chips or cracks. Selling for $22.00

Q) Antique Standard Imports Limited Montreal Slim design Clear Bottle. 7 7/8" Tall. I cannot seem to locate and history on the bottle or the company online??? It could Rare. It has a chip off the lower edge but is otherwise in great shape. Selling for $20.00

R) Vintage 1930's Mrs. Stewart Liquid Bluing 4 Ounce Bottle. "For Whitest Clothes". Made by Luther Ford Company, 770 Bradford St. , Winnipeg Manitoba. "Standard Of Excellence since 1883". 6" tall. With a really intact label with great colour. And still has partial contents. No chips or cracks.
Selling for $22.00

S) Very Rare Antique 1920's Clear Briscoe's Hardware Glass 1 Cup Measuring Cup. From Walkerton, Ontario. "Phone 27". This One Cup measuring cup has both cups, ounces and Tablespoons. The applied screen labeling is in perfect shape. 4 3/4" tall.
Probably be hard pressed to find another one like this anywhere.
Selling this for $50.00

T) Antique early 1920's Vinegar or Syrup Serving Glass Bottle. 6 1/4" tall. No chips or cracks. Selling this for $10.00.

U) Antique early 1920's Small Gouraud's Oriental Cream medicine skin cure. New York & London with the original Cork inside the neck. Trial Size 3 1/8 Fluid Ounces. This bottle cost $0.10 to purchase in the day. No chips or cracks.
A "Magic Beautifier” That Withered You Away
In the 1920s there was a popular beauty cream called Gouraud’s Oriental Cream, which had been on the market for decades regardless of the horror stories women experienced when using it. It constantly caused mercury poisoning, which was no picnic to go through - you would develop dark rings around your eyes and neck, get bluish black gums and loose teeth before succumbing to death.
Selling for $10.00

V) Two Vintage 1940's BDC "Gin Pills For The Kidneys" Round Yellow Apothecary Tins. By the National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada Limited. Montreal Canada. Both are in beautiful condition. No dents and minor to no wear of the outer tin.
Used for the Kidneys for ills associated with the kidneys and bladder, bed wetting and lame back. It was a well known famous remedy for kidney trouble (an added bonus, they turned your urine green which was probably due to methylene blue, which was often found in medicines of this era) in the 20th century in Canada. The Tin contained 40 pills.
Selling these for $23.00 each.
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