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Serial Killer Card Game - True Crime Playing Cards - $49


Serial Killer Card Game - True Crime Playing Cards

Description of Game:

True Crime Playing Cards! Serial Killer Playing Cards Debate Game is fun for everyone. Be creative, laugh and debate by answering ridiculous and fun questions about Serial Killers. 

How To Play:

This game is played best with 3-4 people playing the game. Game consists of 6 rounds. Each round someone will gain 1 point. The person at the end with the most points wins.

  • Dealer will shuffle and deal out 3 cards to each person including themselves
  • Dealer will then ask one of the questions (eg: Who is the best killer?)
  • DEBATE: Person to the left of dealer will make their choice, put their card down and then explain why their choice is the best killer. Use card info for ideas.
  • Going clockwise each person will do the same
  • REBUTTAL: Person to the left of dealer will have one final attempt to explain their case and that their choice is much better than anyone elses.
  • VOTING: Each person will now vote on their favorite answer (not being able to choose themselves). The person with the most points gains 1 point.
  • After 6 rounds the person with the most points wins.

What does the Game come with:

  • 36 total cards in set
  • 34 Serial Killers
  • 1 card of game rules
  • 1 card of questions


Although you can choose any questions you want, we created a list of questions to get you started playing the game:

  • Who would be fun on a date?
  • Who would thrive in another industry?
  • Who should have tried harder?
  • Who do you want be to related to?
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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