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New Novelties Drink Birds, Sand Pictures, Galileo Thermometers - $7 (Waterloo, ON)

Selling a few Brand new Science based Novelties and art novelties like Drinking Birds, Sand Pictures, Galileo Thermometers. I will list each below with prices.
A) Two Sand Pictures....One red and one blue one. In clear acrylic frames. They each include a stand and are 7" wide. turn it over each time and the sand will maneuver around the air bubbles and create neat patterns as it settles. If the sand is trapped by any air bubbles just tilt and the air will flow off the one side or the other and the sand continues to fall.
Selling these for $7.00 each. That's well under half price.

B) Two New Galileo Thermometers. These act on the Galileo theory. Depending on the outside temperature, one of the floating capsules each with their own brass temperature plate attached to the bottom of each capsule, will make its way to the top indicating the temperature in the room or environment around the thermometer. It will measure direct temperature in the space where it is set up. They are made of glass and are 7.25" tall.
Selling these for $8.00 each.

C) Two New Drinking Birds. Drinking birds were first created several decades ago. Our Grandma or Grandfather likely owned one. The science behind Drinking Birds is the principle of a Thermodynamic Engine. The birds beak dips into a glass of water....the felt on its head draws up the water and spreads over its head. As the water on the head evaporates, the liquid expands at the bottom and pushes up the glass tube body and compiles in the head. as more liquid is drawn to the head, the weight causes the bird to be top heavy and it dips forward landing the beak into the glass of water. Than immediately the felt on the head sucks up the water over the head. As that takes place the water has a cooling effect on the liquid inside and the liquid condenses (gets heaver) and falls back to the bottom of the birds body making the bottom heavier than the head and that causes the bird to stand up straight again where its beak leaves the glass of water. As the water on the head evaporates and dries off a couple minutes later, the liquid at the lower body starts to warm up and expand pushing it back to the birds head and the whole process repeats itself again. So it is other words it will go forever like this as long as its beak keeps having water to drop its beak into. So you need to refill the glass of water every 3 or 4 days. And Drinking Bird will keep bobbing endlessly. Selling these Drinking birds for $7.00 each.
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